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Condair OptiSorp - the multiple steam distributor system for very short humidification distances

The Condair Opti-Sorp multiple steam distributor system is utilised for uniform steam distribution in compliance with VDI 6022. The installation is intended for air-conditioning cabinet units or ventilation ducts. The system is intended for all Axair intrinsic steam air humidifiers.  
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The extremely short humidification distances are achieved with vertical steam distributor pipes and special stainless steel precision nozzles. In addition, steam is distributed uniformly and without droplets over the entire cross-sectional surface of the system.

System sizes:
The Opti-Sorp multiple steam distributor system is supplied ready for connection and assembled in standard sizes manufactured to suit duct dimensions, or dismantled in individual parts.

Distribution capacities per system lie between 8 kg/h and 160 kg/h.

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