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The Real Ecological Solar Collector "C8" [Chrome Free Selective Absorber]

The Ecological Solar Collector
In order to meet today's ecological standards, Jacques Giordano has designed the selective C8 Solar Collector which is completely environmentally safe, fully recyclable and generates little or no pollution.
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The Components

The body is composed of copper with fins welded onto tubes :

- Ø 8mm for pump circulation installations,
- Ø 12 mm for thermosiphon installations (without pump) and assembled on grids with Ø 22 mm. manifold tubes, ensuring an excellent heat transfer.

Selective coating
- The selective coating of absorbers is carried out by anodisation with black chrome.
- In order to meet the U.E Commission's recommendations to not use chrome, which is highly toxic, Jacques Giordano Industries has designed a new selective coating of the absorbers : the CuMOX. This coating does not use chrome at all (see data)

The CuMOX is optional.
. Absorption factor : α = 0.95 ± 0.01
. Emission factor : β = 0.20 ± 0.01

The C8 selective solar collectors are delivered with all the hydraulic fittings and assembly accessories from 2 to 24 m2 to accommodate any kind of roof or terrace surface

- Version Standard ‘’S’’

The insulation is composed of CFC free 30 mm polyurethane foam in sandwich between 2 aluminum foils


Version High Insulation "S-HI" :
Composed of 2 layers of insulations : 30 mm polyurethane foam +45 mm glass wool


High quality galvanized and prelacquered steel frames.

4 mm tempered glass with high solar transmittance. The glass is glued onto the casing with a silicone seal, very resistant to high temperatures and U.V rays.

Each version ‘’S’’ or ‘’HI’’ can be fitted with standard clear low irong non-reflecting glass.



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