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Condair FastFog – the high efficiency and energy saving adiabatic humidification system with high pressure nozzles

The Condair Fast Fog high-pressure humidifiers are applied for the humidification of supply - and re-circulated air in industrial, commercial and public buildings. Due to the high humidification efficiency the Condair Fast Fog is also used for adiabatic cooling of exhaust air in air conditioning systems.  
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Low energy consumption and defined humidification distance
The high-pressure pump feeds the reverse osmosis water under 80 bars to the nozzle circuits. Special Axair high-pressure nozzles in stainless steel are used to generate a fine water mist. Ceramic inserts for the nozzles are available as an option to ensure a long lifetime. Special steam expanders lead to a fast transformation of the water mist into the gaseous stage. Short absorption distance of only 1.5 meters and a low amount of wastewater are the resulting advantages.

Control accuracy
The achieved control accuracy with a continuous control signal is +/- 5% due to a valve manifold. There is no need for a high cost frequency transformer.

Mist free humidified air and hygienic operation
Special separator elements installed in a bypass way downstream of the nozzles results in a minimum pressure loss across the duct section and guaranties a mist free humidified air stream. The separator elements consists of a special anti-bacterial coated fleece material. Whenever our maintenance and service concept is applied, the hygienic operation is secured.

Easy and customer friendly installation
The Condair Fast Fog is delivered in pre-manufactured components. Therefore the installation and start up is easy and fast.

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