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Cortec 2C

High Temperature
From the principle of the sensor Cortec, Giordano developed a new generation of solar cells under vacuum. So benefiting from an experience ( experiment) of more than 15 years, Cortec 2C allies reliability, resistance and high performance today. The solar energy arrives very diluted on the earth (ground): devices of high performance are necessary to transform it into useful energy. The space allows to reduce considerably the thermic losses by convection and by conduction and of this fact confers on the sensor of the exceptional performances.
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The high temperature for new perspectives
Cortec 2C works even by time covered under diffuse light. It opens again uncorked thanks to performances improved with regard to those obtained up to here in the sunny countries.

Cortec 2C answers water requirements of warm markets of the countries of the North and the regions of mountain but offer also of new applications such as the water warm manufacture, the production of vapor as well as the air conditioning. Cortec 2C can also find an application for the heater.

Delivered by all 6 tubes, Cortec is modular. It is conceived for all the types of collective or individual installations whether it is in roof, in facade or in a garden. Resulting from a modern technology, Cortec can have risen in horizontal or vertical position to improve the architectural integration of the sensor. In that case, the absorber is tilted according to the angle necessary to allow the best performance.

The high Temperature: the studied performance
During the construction of the sensor Cortec the glass tube and the absorber are assembled by a rustproof steel hermetic small dish, allowing to accompany the dilation of the glass and the copper in situation of high temperature and to prevent so the losses of the space. The absorber of Cortec 2C which is in the space is dressed taken on) in a selective treatment of surface on base of black chromium which allows to make the losses by radiation almost non-existent:

- Absorption α = 0.95
- Emission β = 0.10

The envelope of the glass tube Borosilicate gives a very high resistance to the shocks. Optical value of the glass - Transmission 0.94 in g 0.35 in 2.8 mm tubes Cortec 2C are gathered reunited) in modules of 6 tubes and connected by isolated metal cases of connection. The sensor Cortec 2C is so simple and fast to install (settle). The thermic performances were tested by several scientific bodies (CSTB in France, ITR in Switzerland Swiss)). The solar cell Cortec 2C is a part of the most successful sensors.

Plan of a highly-rated tube and sensor Cortec's face 2C
The high temperature: the guaranteed performance
The solar cell Cortec 2C benefits from a legal guarantee of 2 years. In the case of certain applications, the performance of the sensor Cortec 2C can be guaranteed on the basis of a contract of Guarantee of Sun Results.

Technical Description
The glass
The tube wrapping(surrounding) the absorbeur is glass Borosilicate.
Diameter : 100 mm

Length : 2000 mm
Thickness : 2.5 mm

The space
10 ? Torr
T technical used that is practised in the manufacture of vacuum tubes.

The absorber
It is established (constituted) by a sheet (leaf) of aluminum welded in a brass tube and containing a selective cover Aluminum / Nitride. Floor space : 0,188 m²

The getter
A pastille of barium is slid in the glass tube to verify that the space is maintained.

Presentation of modules
The sensor Cortec 2C is delivered in modules of 6 tubes assembled with hydraulic connecting series-parallel line and cases of steel connection galvanized, preload and isolated with some wool of cliff. Modules can have risen in batteries (drum kits), creating surfaces of illegal securement which adapts itself to the different possibilities of integration: flat or oblique roof, facade, garden, etc.



Cortec 2C

Module of 6 tubes

Dimensions in mm 

2220 x 720 x 120


1,125 m²


40 kg


1.16 liters

Maximal Pressure of service

10 bars

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