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Defensor ABS2 - the adiabatic humidification system, a good idea inspired by nature!

The ABS2 system is a sturdy atomizer humidifier for room applications in industrial buildings, it's based on the rotary principle and needs therefore no compressed air. Through a sophisticated technique is water via spinning disks against an atomizer grid thrown and creates therefore fin mist aerosols. The maintenance free Electro motor with build-in thermo-safty switch is low in energy consumption and sound level. The modular build system for wallmounting is in 4 different performance units available.  
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Following attributes are the features of the product:

- one component humidification system (no compressed air necessary)

- with water drain and automatic flush (SU/DU11) or with water level security (SU/DU21)

- 4 adjustable flush cycles (30 / 60 / 120 / 240 minutes)

- anti freezing mode in cold environments between 1...5°C (water inlet every 10' for 3”)

- maintenance free condensate motor with build-in thermo-safty switch

- low power consumption

- minimal sound level

- easy installation

- sturdy construction

Base unit:
Single unit
SU 11 (with water drainage and automatic flush cycles)
SU 21 (without water drain)

Double unit
DU 11 (with water drainage and automatic flush cycles)
DU 21 (without water drainage)

Atomizer unit:
Flathead (performance 3.5 kg/h)
AU-90 Roundhead (performance 9.0 kg/h)

Filter unit:
FU-1 Flat filter (standard execution)
FU-2 Pocket filter (in dirty air condition)
FU-3 Ring filter (in dirty air condition only for AU-90)

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