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Condair Esco - pressurised steam humidifier with innovative rotary disk valve technology

It was a pressurized steam distribution system intended for connection to an existing mains steam supply, and it rapidly established itself due to its functional reliability. The system proved itself under practical conditions, and was subjected to further functional and design development over the course of time in order to fully meet the range of demands made of it.  
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Axair AG now presents the impressive result of the latest revamping – the innovative Condair Esco pressurized steam distribution system. The system represents the first successful combination of absolute steam compression by rotary disk valve technology and the tried-and-trusted nozzle distribution principle.

Condair Esco steam distribution pipes are available in two ranges and are manufactured completely in 304 stainless steel:

Version DL40 is for integration in air ducts, ventilation and air-conditioning units with a narrow air duct cross-section and for low-capacity humidifying applications
Version DR73 is for use in units and ducts with a large duct cross-section and a short-term available humidifying capacity.

A PC program (described below) can be accessed for the evaluation and planning of the most suitable system for the application involved. It calculates an ideal, tailored-made solution on the basis of relevant data entered, reducing the workload considerably when compared to time-consuming manual planning.

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