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Condair CP3 – Humidification can be so easy!

The electrical Condair CP3 steam humidifier enables perfect adaptation to every application in accordance with customer requirements and wishes.

It works according to the electrode heating principle. In the steam cylinder electrodes are covered with water. The water is heated up by the current flow between the electrodes and evaporates.
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Hygienic operation
The Condair CP3 generates non-pressurized, mineral-free steam that is hygienically pure, thanks to the high temperature level involved.

Tailored steam capacity
The product concept involving continuous steam capacities has proved its worth on the market. Physically-induced jumps in capacity are eliminated, and steam capacities that are never utilized do not represent a financial burden for the customer. Steam capacity matches the predefined requirements of the customer. The customer only pays for that which is needed - no more, no less.

Installation / Maintenance
Unit installation in air conditioning systems requires a minimum of space, thanks to its
compact structure. Only the steam distributor requires installing in the ventilation system. Steam humidifiers are therefore particularly suitable for retrofitting installation.
Thanks to the pivoting control board is the accessibility to the electronic parts very unstinting. Construction details, as plug connections from individual components, guarantees for a fast maintenance.

Operation with normal drinking water
Operation is possible with normal drinking water. Additional water treatment is not required.

Improved Water management
The optimized water management benefits an advantageous water consumption through controlled drainage.

Simple connection to BMS systems
Thanks to its integrated software intelligence, the Condair CP3 can be integrated easily in a Building Management System. Integration and control of different devices can be realised without additional hardware via Modbus. Or with an additional hardware through LON and BacNet.

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