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Solar energy : the cheapest and most ecological way to at least double the use of your swimming pool during the year.

Our polytub are simple and easy to install on roofs, terraces, pergolas, or in gardens and require very little maintenance. As they are made of synthetic material, you do not have any risk of corrosion as in other heating systems. Our Polytub solar collectors are reliable, with thousands of swimming-pools already heated, which allows us to offer guarantees over a 10 year period on them. For private pools, a wide range of complete kits* is available with all the components for fixing and connecting them to the pool circuit.  
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The flexible solar collector POLYTUB "S" is specially designed for "made-to-measure" installations.

As it is made of synthetic flexible rubber, it can fit any surface whatever its shape

It is delivered in 60x0.20m(12m²) rolls you have to cut to the size of the available surface.

The kits for private pools are delivered with all the fixing and connecting accessories.

The POLYTUB "S" is the most adapted solution as it is the cheapest way to heat a public pool, as several studies from the French Agency for Energy Management and Environment have shown.


Material : EPDM
Dimensions :

Rouleaux de 0,20x60m

Surface : 12m²
Weight : 5 kg/m²
Contents : 6 l /m²

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