About Us


The mission of Climatech Trading Est. is to provide high quality services in field of Air Humidification and Solar Thermal Energy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Air Treatment

One of the most important content in air is moisture (water content) i.e. humidity. Maintaining/controlling indoor humidity is very essential for all… be it humans, animals, products, antiquities and etc… Controlling indoor air humidity level can be achieved by using Humidifier (adding moisture) or Dehumidifier (removing moisture).

Solar Energy

The power of Solar Energy at the satellite level is about 1360 w/m² but only a portion of this power reaches the earth surface, in the best case 1000 w/m². Nevertheless, the total energy received by the earth represents around 5000 times the total need of the world. 105 minutes of sunshine provides sufficient energy to cover the world consumption for one year.
Solar energy is the total energy radiation from the sun. The earth converts this energy into various forms of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas, but far more energy is radiated from the sun than we need and most of this energy is wasted.

About Us

Climatech Trading Est. based in Riyadh, exclusively for Air Humidification and Solar Water Heating. Climatech expertise is more than 2 decades in these specialized fields and is well equipped with a complete staff of Engineers, Technicians and Administrators to assure best services and attention at all times.

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