Condair EL

Electrode boiler steam humidifier


The Condair EL electrode boiler steam humidifier provides reliable steam humidification to an air handling unit or directly to a room. It is easy to install, use and service. 

The steam cylinders of the Condair EL last up to three times longer than similar models due to advanced water quality management. The mineral content of the water is precisely monitored and managed. Water with high mineral content is drained and fresh water added only as required, thus minimizing scale build-up and reducing the energy needed to heat fresh water. 

When servicing is needed, the Condair EL’s design makes it easy to drain, remove and replace the disposable steam cylinders, keeping downtime to a minimum. Cleanable cylinders are also available. 

An advanced touch screen control panel makes operation simple while providing detailed diagnostic reporting. A USB connection allows performance data to be downloaded into Excel and the humidifier’s software to be easily updated.