Condair DL

Hybrid humidifier

Condair DL


The Condair DL hybrid humidifier combines spray and evaporative technologies to provide efficient and hygienic in-duct adiabatic humidification.

A grid of low-pressure nozzles releases a fine spray into the air stream towards a patented ceramic droplet evaporator. What moisture isn’t immediately absorbed by the air precipitates onto the ceramic evaporator. As air flows through its ceramic cassettes, the remaining water is absorbed by the air for highly efficient water use and droplet-free humidification.

This efficiency enables the humidifier to provide very close control at up to +/-2%RH, which is a level of control usually only achievable with steam humidification.

Features & benefits

  • Efficient low pressure system for energy savings
  • Ceramic evaporator eliminates aerosols and maximises water evaporation
  • Ultra hygienic with RO water, silver ion, flush cycles and pipework air drying
  • Precise humidity control with 15 stage output