Cooling Tower


A cooling tower is an effective solution to remove the unwanted heat from system to atmosphere.

The cooling tower circuit mainly consists of the cooling tower structure, circulating pumps and filtration system to enhance the performance of the cooling tower

Not all towers are suitable for all applications. Cooling towers are designed and manufactured in several types, with numerous sizes available.
Understanding the various types, along with their advantages and limitations, is important when determining the right tower for a project.




Cooling Towers Applications:

  1. Commercial & Residential.
  2. Industrial Application.
  3. Power Plants.
  4. Refineries.
  5. District Cooling.
  6. Fluids Process Cooling.

The main factors which lead for the optimum design of cooling towers plants are: –

1-Understanding the facility cooling loads.

2-Wet bulb temperature.

3-Foot print of cooling tower structure.

4-Availability of makeup water source for open type cooling towers.

With a very high qualified and expertise team of engineers in this field we are capable to handle the following scopes: –

-Design & Specify the Cooling Tower.

-New Construction.

-Customize & Replacement of an Old Existing Cooling Towers.

-Maintenance & Spare Parts.

-Assembly Works.

– Testing and Commissioning.

-After Sales Services.

-Filtration Technology Services.