Defensor PH15

Mobile evaporative purifier/humidifier


The Defensor PH15 mobile humidifier can deliver up to 1.7L/hr of humidity to a room while operating on just 72W of electricity. It is ideal for use in offices, humidors, museums, galleries or any single room up to 580m³.

The Defensor PH28 is available in white as standard but can be supplied in any RAL color to discretely match an interior. The Defensor PH28 is also available as a plumbed-in auto-fill model.

The unit uses evaporative technology to provide low energy operation without the high running costs of electric steam humidifiers. On full power it only consumes 128W of electricity.

The humidifier also filters the air as it humidifies to remove particulate matter from the atmosphere and further improve its quality. Its quattro filter system can removed particles as fine as 0.1microns.

A digital control panel offers a programmable timer and in integrated digital humidistat controls the output to the required level. The control panel features a keypad lock to prevent unauthorised access. An optional external sensor is also available.

Silver ionisation electrodes provide water treatment to the reservoir to maintain hygienic operation.

Features and benefits

  • Low energy evaporative humidification with low running costs
  • Large removable 30L water tank with castors for easy filling.
  • Provides humidity control and air purification
  • Digital control panel with integral humidistat and time
  • Can be plumbed-in for continuous operation