Solar Water Heater For Domestic/Sanitary Hot Water Pump (Forced Circulation) System






Forced pumps systems are the best solution to have warm/ hot water in all times since it uses a clean energy source, which is the solar energy. These systems have pumps in which an electronic regulation system manages its work. The collectors which are installed on the roof are used to absorb the energy from the sunlight and transform it into a cold-water tank.

The temperature of the cold water becomes higher due to the existence of an electronic regulation station that transforms the heat to the heater tank. There is an electrical backup system used to complete the process of heating water, only if needed.

Technical Specification of the Solar Collector

  • Absorber: one single absorber sheet with selective titanium treatment
  • 8 Horizontals tubes (Headers) and vertical tubes (risers) made from copper
  • Anodized aluminum profile
  • Back insulation: 40 mm rock wool
  • Side insulation: 20 mm glass wool
  • Cover:
  • Material: solar tempered glass
  • Thickness: 4mm
  • Water tightness: joint EPDM and transparent silicone
  • Test Pressure: 10 bars
  • Maximum functional pressure: 7 bars
  • Absorption Factor : 0.95 ± 0.02.
  • Emission Factor : 0.05 ±0.02.

Technical Specification of the Solar Hot Water Storage Tank

  • Material: Steel plate USD37.2 quality
  • Welding: Robotically welded in inert gas environment
  • Cleaning: 6 point metal blasting
  • Internal treatment: Glass enameling heated at 860°C (Buffer tanks are
  • without glass enamelling)
  • Function Pmax: 6 bar
  • Testing Pmax: 15 bar for 5 minutes
  • Function Tmax: +95° C

Outer Cover Material:

  • Flexible PVC in various colors

Heat Exchanger Type:

  • Coil heat exchanger made of heavy duty steel tube 33mm (tubo)


  • Material: Polyurethane CFC & FCKW Free
  • Density: 40 kg/m3
  • Thickness: 50-65 mm
  • (For the storage tanks of 800 and 1000 ltrs in all the types, the insulation is made from flexible polyurethane 75 mm and is detachable for easier passage during installation).