Climatech contributes to the energy industry by having a wide range of solutions for PV systems including on-grid, off-grid, hybrid, solar pumping, and lighting. We listen to our customer’s needs and provide them with optimum PV systems for homes, offices, malls, hospitals, farms, camps, and car parking by considering technical engineering and financial aspects. 

The types of systems provided by Climatech vary according to the customer’s needs and they are: 

Network-connected systems

Goal: Save the value of monthly electricity bills and reduce the level of the electric tariff segment 
Climatech offers solutions for network-connected systems and is suitable for buildings that are connected to the electricity company’s services. This system is one of the simplest types of solar systems that contribute significantly to reducing the value of monthly electricity bills, and the value of savings amounts to approximately 75% in some buildings such as: universities, schools and corporate buildings that operate most of their time during the day.  
Climatech ensures the use of high-efficiency products by certified international manufacturers at Saudi Electricity Company, and provide services through professional engineers accredited by the Electricity Company and the Saudi Ministry of Energy.  

Systems separated from the network  

Goal: Total reliance on solar power system for electricity generation 
Among the solutions offered by Climatech is solar systems that are separate from the grid and these systems are more suitable for desert areas far from the electricity grid such as: camps, new project sites that are under construction, communication towers and others.  
This solar system is one of the systems that needs considerable experience in how to connect components to each other, especially with the presence of batteries.  
The system separated from the grid must be efficient and high quality in order to be able to withstand environmental challenges such as temperatures, dust and clouds.  
Climatech has therefore been keen to provide solutions that meet international and Saudi Arabia standards by leveraging the expertise of our European partners as well as our team of more than 20 years of experience.   

Solar water pumps  

Goal: Supply power to underground well pumps through solar energy
This system is perhaps the most common system in the Middle East for the presence of underground wells as the abundance of sunlight for longer hours during the day.  
The principle comes through the use of sunlight to generate electricity to the pump’s moto to raise the required amounts of water from sunrise to sunset.  
The transformer or automatic controller unit is the most important unit in this system to allow the pump to exploit all the electrical power generated by the panels, as well as to determine the working times of the pump, as well as to extinguish the pump when the required amount of water is satisfied.  
Climatech offers the most abundant and fastest solutions ever in solar water pump systems.