Thermal water heating


Domestic water heating system (Thermosiphon) 


Thermosiphon solar water heater works without any engine/pump at all. It uses a natural principle hot water is lighter and goes up whereas cold water comes down which creates a natural flow between the tank and the solar collectors.


Domestic water heating system (Pump system) 


The pump system is advised for the acquirement of large quantity of hot water storage or usage as a part of one central system under one control. The solar pump will circulate water from solar collectors to heat exchanger and then to tank, taken care by an automatic controlling unit. 


Solar swimming pool heating system 


Solar collector type Polytube “S” is the most adapted solution as it is the cheapest way to heat a pool. Indeed, in addition to the energy savings, solar pool heating requires very little installation and maintenance costs. Also, your investment is recovered within one to three years of operation and then the pool will be heated at a very low operational and maintenance costs.