November 9, 2021

What Soft Skills Are Employers Looking For

Hard workers show up to work early and will stay late if they need to. They take their job seriously and complete every task to the best of their ability. Hardworking employees do more than what is necessary because that’s who they are. When others work less, they work harder and employers appreciate Uss Express that. This ties into some of the previous personal qualities we mentioned, but punctuality is critical to a successful career, whether you are at the office or you work from the comfort of your home. No employer or manager wants to have to tell you what to do all the time – they are busy people too.

  • And it forms a very primal and fundamental part of how we perceive others.
  • Last year, the largest percentage of respondents was focused on written communication skills.
  • Recruiters and hiring managers usually ask potential hires about how well they work as a team and what type of work environment they prefer.
  • By interacting and collaborating with your colleagues, the organization or company will have growth and success.
  • Try to incorporate about six solid abilities in total, with a healthy mix of hard and soft skills.

Employers want to hire applicants with a “can-do” attitude who are flexible, dedicated, and willing to contribute extra effort to get the job done in the face of challenges. Employees need to be able to confront a problem, think it through, and decisively apply solutions.

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A total of 150 surveys were returned; 115 were NACE members and the remaining 35 were nonmembers. The Job Outlook 2020 report is available free to members through MyNACE. Teamwork —the ability to work successfully with others and for the good of the employer. Organization— the ability to manage time efficiently and maintain an orderly, neat or clean work area. Our review will help you with tips on the design, structure and content of your resume. While you wait, we have plenty of expert career advice on our blog.

top qualities employers look for

All employees, entrepreneurs or leaders are sure to hit roadblocks in their journey. From working in a team to working from all, flexibility is a necessity more than a virtue now.

What Skills Are Employers Looking For?

These traits are broken up into hard skills and soft skills. A positive attitude to work, punctuality, flexibility, verbal communication skills, and the ability to make a professional introduction are all crucial when deciding whether to recruit a young person. The job-seeker should possess high level of analytical thinking and also demonstrate a talent for the identification, scrutiny, improvement and streamlining of the work processes that are complex in nature. However, the skills that are needed and the levels of skills which are needed are dependent on the job as well as the industry and vary according to them. Apart from the ability to analyse, the persons applying for the jobs should also be able to prioritise, plan and organise in an effective way. In the corporate world, the stakes are high, and wrong doings have absolutely no place.

Tell me about a time you received negative feedback on a specific area of your work. Follow that question up by asking the candidate to discuss a situation in which she had to go beyond the normal call of duty to get a job done. Ask for clarification on the candidate’s job responsibilities when this incident occurred if necessary. Data for the Job Outlook 2020 survey were collected from August 1, 2019, through September 30, 2019. This year’s data collection not only surveyed 905 NACE employer members, but also 2,229 employer organizations that were nonmembers.